State's Biggest Anti-Gay Group Now Called "Family Council"/center>
Neocons Itching for War with Iran?

"Faith-Based" Initiatives Face Court Challenge

of the Center for Pluralism

Protesters Rule! Clear Channel Retains Progressive Talk in Madison about retargeting ads.

ExxonMobil Pays Millions to Discredit Science Behind Global Warming

The New Face of Jim Crow:
Voter Suppression in America

Center Co-Sponsors Barry Lynn, Religious Right Expert, in Milwaukee November 8

Homophobia in "Hell House"
Literally Demonizing LGBT Youth

of the Center for Pluralism

"Christian" Right Film Blames Darwin for Hitler's Atrocities

Nazi Rally in Madison Draws Large Protest

National Religious Right Group Promotes Wisconsin's Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Congresswoman Says "God chooses our rulers"

Allegations of Racism Taint Another CRG Campaign

Ban on Same Sex Marriage, Civil Unions Goes to Wisconsin Voters in November

Conservatives Hold Second Annual
"Future Wisconsin" Conference

Marquette University Bans "Vagina Monologues"

Bradley Foundation's Michael Joyce Fostered Right-Wing Resurgence

Center for Pluralism Sponsors Hate Crime Workshops in Madison

of the Center for Pluralism

Tax-Cutting Crusader Sues, Demands $1 Million from County Taxpayers

Caller Promotes "Open Season on Gays"

Christmas Under Attack?
Fundamentalists Manufacture a Crisis

Recall of Madison Mayor Fails to Win Support

American Girl Threatened with Boycott

Pro-Life Wisconsin Hounds Dead Marine's Family

Heritage Foundation Offers Right-Wing Solutions for Katrina Relief

Anti-Gay Politics and the Religious Righ

The Right Wing vs. Labor: The Real Agenda


The Wisconsin Center for Pluralism documents the activities of right-wing organizations and hate groups around the state of Wisconsin and promotes public education and coalition-building in support of democratic values and diversity.

At the Wisconsin Center for Pluralism, we believe the health of American society depends upon openness and civility in the public forum. However, some groups of the Radical Right push a narrow, intolerant public policy agenda. Others sow divisions in our communities through acts of hatred and bigotry.

The Center for Pluralism operates an information clearinghouse on the activities of these groups in Wisconsin. Volunteers throughout the state collect news articles, campaign fliers, and organizational literature. That information is catalogued and maintained at the Center's office for use by citizens, community groups, advertising agency and the media.

The Center sponsors educational seminars on right-wing and hate group activity and trains citizens on how best to respond to such groups. It sponsors Communities United Against Hate, a coalition-building project against hate crimes. The Center also publishes a quarterly newsletter, hosts this web site, and sends email news updates and alerts to those who join the mailing list.

You can help by letting us know about right-wing activity in your area of the state. Call us to book a speaker for your organization or community event. Please also consider making a tax-deductible donation to support our efforts. Your contribution will be put to work right here in Wisconsin.

Together, we can provide the citizens of Wisconsin with the information that makes democracy work. We can promote the diversity, civility and understanding that make our communities strong.

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